The late, well-respected wrestling hsitorian Jim Melby takes the reader through the formative years of the sport in the "Gopher" state of Minnesota - long considered a hotbed of professional wrestling during the "Golden Age." The book covers the era from 1933 to 1964 with a perspective of promoters, participants and matches of the time period. Mr. Melby spent years on this project, and the result is a phenomenal work of wrestling research. Included are many, many rarely or never-before-seen photos hand-picked by Mr. Melby for this book. Anybody with any interest in the formative stages of pro wrestling will find this book a "must read."
REVISED EDITION! Includes five additional chapters that were originally scheduled to appear in a second book prior to Mr. Melby's untimely passing. 200 pages, high quality 60# white smooth finish, black & white interior pages, high quality 100# glossy four color cover.