Jim Fitzpatrick was a ringside photographer at the famed Cow Palace in San Francisco during the 1970s era of "Big Time Wrestling." In this 120 page book, he presents page after page of photographs of some true ring legends.

Included in the book are such famed wrestling personalities as Ray Stevens, Moondog Mayne, Black Gordman, The Great Goliath, Pepper Gomez, Earl Maynard, Dory Funk Jr, Texas Red (Bastien), Don Muraco, the Von Steigers, Mando Guerrero, Rock Riddle, Pampero Firpo, Antonio Rocca, midget stars and many more. There is page after page of Cow Palace memories, all in-ring photos of some of the true legends of professional wrestling.

A special foreward is presented by the original "Mr. Wonderful" - none other than ROCK RIDDLE. The book also includes a look at some of the author's pieces of historical memorabilia from one of the true hotbeds of pro wrestling.