This a book that has been years in the making! This 200+ page photo album contains full page after full page of the pro wrestling stars from the greatest period of professional wrestling in Detroit, Michigan. Every top star in the sport passed through the ring ropes at the famous Cobo Arena and Olympia Stadium, and they're represented here in a wide variety of images... many never, ever before seen.

Dressing room candids, posed publicity photos, in-ring action shots... this book will definitely bring back the memories. The list of stars included includes The Sheik, Dick the Bruiser, Bobo Brazil, Johnny Valentine, Mark Lewin, Pampero Firpo, Mighty Igor, Killer Brooks, Lord Layton, Dusty Rhodes, and on and on....

The book includes not only individual stars but there are special sections on TOP TAG TEAMS, MANAGERIAL MAYHEM, LADIES OF THE SQUARED CIRCLE and even ANNOUNCERS are featured!

In short, this book presents page after page of great memories of an era that will never be equalled in wrestling history. Photographs by Brian Bukantis, Gary Kamensack, Gary Mancuso, Brad McFarlin, and others are presented in black & white on quality white paper, with four color glossy covers. OVER 200 PAGES!!